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Answering Customer Questions

Mar 09, 2020

Recently, the new coronavirus has spread all over the world, and confirmed cases have appeared in many countries. Maybe some customers are wondering, will buying solar charge controller from China bring the virus into their own country?

Quoting data from Chinese medical researchers today, all customers were told that the new coronavirus survived in the air for 5-48 hours. However, it will take us at least 5-10 days to deliver the MPPT solar charge controller to you.

The most important thing is that our city has maintained 22 days of zero growth. The Chinese government controls it very well. Our staffs ensure isolated at home for 30 days without any temperature abnormality before returning to the Wenzhou Xihe Electric Co.,Ltd. office. During working hours, everyone wears masks to make sure there is no virus infection. When the solar controllers are packed, they will be sterilized with alcohol.


Please don't worry, we will send the best MPPT controller to you safely, good health to you and your family.