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Hello Friend ,how Is Going ?

Mar 03, 2020

Hello Conny, I hope you always safe.


my friend Conny, I know China coronavirus situation, how are you?


Are you still health my friend, how is going in China? 


First, I am very happy and appreciate those warm words from all over the world.  Yes, we never see each other  face in real life, we prefer use email or WhatsApp,many people would like say our contact belt is business.


In common time,you always say

Give me MPPT solar charge controller 50A.


Discount please, I will buy 100pcs BMV 702.


why this XTM inverter with so high price?


Are we just business partner like someone think?Maybe not, we discuss business all day , because business is part of our life,we could talk about MPPT solar charge controller price, we also could talk how tall  about your dear princess.  


Thank you to Janbert who from Netherlands, Mirwais who from Afghanistan, Mark who form the Philippines, and Calvin who from Jamaica, many Thanks, I will tell you, I am good! Always! the virus spread slower than before ,the food is fresh,face mask stock enrich, online party is new social way .


I have a very long holiday, it must be the first time I watch so many TV play after I buy smart phone, I make many Chinese traditional delicacy, Chinese bread, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, Cold Rice Noodles, dumplings and noodles served with bean sauce, I have no time to make those food before this holiday, everyone will meet a dynamic and stable fangpusun. 


One day we will get back to such question soon.


Hello Conny, when I will get my products?


Do you any stock of Flexmax MPPT 80A or 60A?


I like XTH inverter 8000W, how much it is?


Take care of yourself,This coronavirus was found in many countries.

At last, protect wildlife.