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When You Stay At Home Long Time, You Will Know How Much Do You Like The Nature

Mar 25, 2020

The start of 2020 is not friendly to everyone,the coronavirus like a monster come to people life, we are have to stay at home because it is the best way to stop infected. But when people stay at home over 3days, maybe some people’slegs wants do something oppose brain.

Yes! you want go to outside, even the TV broadcast the government suggest which aboutall citizens please stay at home, paly some computer game, or sleep all day. Outside is very dangerous.


This article will show you some interesting story, and hope it can take away some boring in you stay at home time. Let's start Conny story time.


Italy government tells people have to stay at home, but you can walk a dog as common,there is a dog goes to outside  about 38 times, because many friends and neighbors borrow this poor dog form his keeper, after his back to home, this poor guy cannot walk anymore, look this picture, it is named Dogs tears of joy.


But this method won't work anymore.Because their mayor found this situation, then shota video to save all Italy dogs.

The mayor of Guardotadino, Italy, reprimanded some residents for going out without permission.

Where do you go to outside every day?

First go to the post office to deposit, thengo to the bank to withdraw money?

You keep walking your dog. Do your dogs have prostatitis?


Like the title of this article,when you have to stay at home, and you find how much you like the nature, everybody want breath fresh air, and running in your city, make some BQQ party and so on.

As a saying goes in China, we always regret for something we lose. Because we are used to live it too usually, we didn't find how important it.


I trust there are many people regret that why I didn't buy fangpusun solar charge controller ?This cheap guy cannot charge my battery well, but the transport is stop in my city, I have to waiting the coronavirus pass away. After this virus disappeared, I willbuy fangpusun solar charge controller and XTM/XTH inverter, and keep my home always with power. 


Smile, it is just a joke, I hope you and your house  always with power, of course,  we are welcome your inquiry after your country get much better, we don't mind you buy this products about 38 times. Have a nice day.